08 March 2017

Turismo Technica - Latest Specification Details

As we work towards the launch of the Turismo Technica at the Bangkok Motor Show we can reveal some more details of the specification of this new model.

The Turismo Technica model features new 5 spoke design front and rear wheels with revised disc rotor pattern matching front and rear.

All models will be fitted as standard with gas assisted shock anti dive linkage. The front brake calliper bracket which is attached to it this linkage is manufactured from 7075 aircraft grade alloy and incorporates the Scomadi logo.

Tyres will be upgraded with IRC tyres used on the 125cc and Pirelli tyres on the 200cc (spec subject to change without prior notice).

Many of these new features will be compatible with our existing Turismo Leggera models.

We will continue to release more details in the coming weeks.

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