10 March 2017

Scomadi Statement

Scomadi Limited and Scomadi Worldwide Limited have now commenced proceedings in the High Court in England and Wales against RA Engineering Co. Limited,  Mr Yiming Chen and Moto GB Limited, in relation to a number of claims for infringement of registered designs, unregistered design, trade mark infringement and passing off.

 The background to this dispute is that Frank Sanderson and Paul Melici of Scomadi, designed, promoted, engineered and conceived of a modern scooter which, although reminiscent of the golden days of classic scootering, is manufactured to the highest modern engineering standards.  The Scomadi retro scooter is the subject of extensive intellectual property rights and protection.

 It is not proposed to make repeated public statements regarding this matter but it is important that all of Scomadi’s customers and distributors know that it is actively asserting its position and will continue to supply its unique, high quality and specially conceived products to the international market.

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